Claude Frere-Smith

Vases with gold lustre
Porcelain and porcelainious stoneware, sizes between H21cm - 53cm, from £67 - £250

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Claude Frere-Smith

Claude trained in Norfolk, before setting-up his first pottery workshop in North Wales in 1976, making reduction-fired stoneware in a self-built, 30cu ft. oil fired kiln

In 1985, he successfully applied for a Crafts Council Advanced Training Award to develop his work using porcelain. Based in London at Sally Dawson’s pottery, he also spent time working with David Leach and David Lloyd Jones.

Moving to North Yorkshire, where he now lives, Claude divides his time between teaching and making pottery.

Claude is interested in making pots that have a contemporary appearance, but might also have reference to older traditions and techniques from pottery history. Most of his work is thrown on a potter’s wheel. He likes to use a modular construction technique which helps him to achieve the forms he creates. Using porcelain and white stoneware clays, Claude fires his work in an electric kiln.

Claude has exhibited successfully throughout the UK and in Holland, France and Belgium.