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Dionne Swift

Dionne has over 20 years of creative practice experience.  She is a graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London and has a Masters in Textiles from the University of Central England.

Dionne uses the scale, emotion and energy of the landscape to inspire energetic drawings and textiles.  The power of the elements: wind, rain, sea are translated into layers of intuitive marks on paper and cloth.

As she explains:

“In the open-ness and tranquillity of the landscape, I find calm and inspiration. The open aspect is fresh and up lifting. The immense scale of the moors and valleys in Yorkshire constantly overwhelm me with their magnificence. I am intrigued by the intimacy of the sky and land with their ever-changing roles of solidity and translucency.

Devoré has been one of my specialist areas for many years. Devoré means “to devour” – to eat away/to burn out. The fabric I use is a combination of silk and viscose and the devoré process removes the viscose pile.

I use devoré processes on velvet to explore the changing structural qualities in the landscape.  I dye and hand paint the cloth, I over paint and employ dye reduction techniques to develop visual layers and the notion of depth.  I aim to allow the processes selected to add to the development of the work. The techniques used are as important as the imagery depicted”.

Dionne works from her studio in Holmfirth, North Yorkshire.  She exhibits and tutors internationally.  In 2011, Dionne was a Gold winner at craft and Design Magazine’s Selected Awards.