Lesley Birch

Into The Blue Forest
Oil and mixed media on board, 34cm x 34cm, £385. SOLD
The Green Forest
Oil and mixed media on board, 34cm x 34cm, £385
The Rooky Wood
Oil and mixed media on board, 45cm x 45cm. SOLD
A Turquoise Sea
Oil and mixed media on board, 34cm x 34cm, £385
The Bright Shore
Oil on canvas, 84cm x 84cm, £850. SOLD
Acrylic on linen, 54cm x 79cm, £695
Scoreched Earth, Bagni di Lucca
Oil and mixed media on board, 31cm x 23cm, £270

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Lesley Birch (MA)

Born in Glasgow in 1958, Lesley graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and Music.  She subsequently spent some years as a professional musician and English teacher before embracing her love of painting whilst living in Cambridge.
“I’m inspired by woods, coasts and hills.  I sketch and make small studies outside, before building up layers of paint back in the studio.  There, I work from my memory and imagination, where I’m as concerned with the feel of the paint as I am with my subject. I love to play with combinations of colours, 
textures and expressive marks where I can create a mood and atmosphere.”
Lesley has exhibited widely including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Ing Discerning Eye at The Mall Galleries and is a past winner of the UK Artist Magazine Award.  Recently,  she has contributed to a 2017 international book about Oil Painting Techniques.  Recent paintings have been inspired by residencies in Wales and in Cornwall as well as travels to Italy. She works from her studio at home and Pica Studios, both in York.