Marcus Hammond

Road to Chinon
Mixed media on board, 101cm x 152cm, £1990 SOLD

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Marcus Hammond

Originally from York, Marcus studied Fine Art both at Harrogate College and Manchester Metropolitan University, gaining a Fine Art BA (Hons).

‘Although my paintings are rarely of recognisable places, I do not consider my painting to be totally abstract but rather working on the cusp of landscape and abstraction. However I may use abstraction as part of my working method, the use of colour, the romantic feeling and the application of paint is my subject matter and represents this rolling together of place to create a relationship with the landscape through colours and forms.

My richly layered, intricate working of the paint opens a particular dialogue with my experiences of place, with the many changes of light and the affecting weather often represented within a single painting. I use a variety of textures in order to allude to the changing physical conditions of landscape – thick paint contrasting with thin pencil and crayon marks etched into the surface.

The process of my art is not directly concerned with space, perspective, tone rendering or any formula involving the quality of literal truth. For me there is so much more going on behind and beneath all that.

The aim is not to ‘photograph’ nature but to re-present nature of which I am myself a part.

My paintings often fulfil a decorative function, particularly within private collections, but I hope that they will go way beyond this and offer
some human content and connect an individual to the rhythms of the natural world using subtlety and the richness of colour’.

Marcus has exhibited widely since 1992 in London and more recently in Yorkshire. In 1998, he received a commission from Harrogate Borough Council to create a roundel for Beulah Street.  In 2017, he was awarded 2nd Prize in the Harrogate Open Exhibition at The Mercer gallery.  Marcus works from his studio in Harrogate