Suman Kaur

Nude on Board
Mixed media on board, unframed, 45cm x 37cm.
Portrait on Board
Mixed media on board, unframed, 37cm x 45cm.
Female Head Study
Charcoal on paper, glazed. SOLD
Female Torso Study
Charcoal on paper. SOLD
Seated Nude
Charcoal on braille paper, glazed, 30 x 26cm.
Standing Nude
Charcoal on braille paper, glazed, 30 x 26cm, SOLD
Charcoal on paper, unframed. SOLD
Suman Kaur, Dancer, charcoal
Charcoal on paper, 30cm x 28cm, unframed. SOLD

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Treatment Detail

Suman Kaur – Winner BBC Big Painting Challenge, 2017

We were delighted that gallery artist, Suman, won the BBC Big Painting Challenge in 2017.  With a talent so striking, the show’s judges remarked she was  ‘a great artist in the making’

Suman is from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Having studied art to A Level, a change in direction led Suman to work in the medical profession for a number of years. Such was her determination, she gave up her job and returned to her artistic studies, attending Leeds College of Art on a full time basis.

Suman is fascinated by the psychology of the human mind. Her work is not focussed on an outcome, rather marks are made to create a distorted collaboration of tone; focussing on shape and showing the subject from an altered viewpoint.

Influenced by researching old medical journals and x rays, inspired by artists such as Rodin and Francis Bacon, and fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen,  she now also has a developing interest in underground graffiti artists.

Now a full-time artist, Suman works from her home studio in Leeds.  We are delighted to remain her Northern representative.  Suman is also represented by a gallery in London.