Tim Tudor

Moonlight Dive
Oil on canvas, 31cm x 41cm, £375
That Horizon Feeling
Oil on canvas, 31cm x 41cm, £375
Evening Dive
Oil on canvas, 33cm x 43cm, £450
Male Diver II
Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm, £400

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Tim Tudor

Originally from Berkshire, in 1993 Tim graduated with BA (Hons) Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire where he specialised in painting. He moved to Yorkshire in 1999.

Tim is currently creating a new body of work using skyscapes as his theme. Into these skyscapes Tim places found, natural objects; leaves, flying seeds, feathers and most recently, the human figure.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the sky and the play of sunlight on the clouds, the colours, the tones and the emotive atmosphere that the light creates.

Over the past four years I’ve been exploring these themes through a series of skyscape paintings and in my most recent images I’ve chosen to introduce the human figure in the form of the diver.

Sometimes these divers are depicted poised, ready to leap and sometimes in mid-air, twisting, curled or stretched against the sky, caught in moment where time is suspended like in a memory.

I try to convey the power and energy of the human form in motion as well as its vulnerability. I hope to also suggest in these paintings a relationship between the expressive act of the diver and the emotive space through which they travelling ; a ‘feeling’ into which they are diving.”

Tim currently works from his studio at The Sculpture Lounge, West Yorkshire, where he also teaches ceramics and works with other artists as a sculptor.  He also has exhibited widely in group shows.