One Year Anniversary Show


One Year Anniversary Show: ‘Yorkshire Created…’ 7 October, 2017- 19 January, 2018



This show marks the One Year Anniversary of Silson Contemporary.  To celebrate the occasion we asked exhibiting artists to submit works which demonstrate the influence of the county of Yorkshire on their artistic practise.  An exciting and varied response ensued!

Invited emerging and established artists will show their stunning work alongside regular gallery artists across a range of mediums.  An inspiring and eclectic show, not to be missed.

We are also delighted to announce, in conjunction with the launch of this show, we will now  stock a small selection of stunning contemporary jewellery by talented designer Susanna Hanl.

Exhibition Artists:

Paintings/Mixed Media:

Gina Bean, Michael Bilton, Gary Crowder, Lesley Birch, Jo Brown, Julia Burns, Kim Coley, Andrew Farmer, Richard Gray, Suman Kaur, Lesley Knevitt, Josh Newsome, Julia Poulton, Lesley Seeger, Gina Tawn, Ali Thompson and Emma Whitelock

Ceramics and Sculpture:

Kit Hemsley, Penny Hunt, Charlotte Morrison, Eric Moss, Salma Patel, Anna Taylor and Anna Whitehouse


Julia Rushworth


Valerie Wartelle

And introducing Jewellery by Susanna Hanl


Silver and Gold Jewellery
Susanna Hanl
From £120

'Fleeting Winds - Blakey Ridge'
Lesley Birch

Jo Brown

Small Ceramic 'Mussels'
Eric Moss
£88 each

'The Way Marker'
Richard Gray

Lesley Knevitt

'Head - Green'
Suman Kaur

'Evoking a Memoir'
Ali Thompson

'Harewood Bridge'
Kim Coley

'Portrait III'
Gina Tawn

'Runswick Sunset'
Gina Bean

'East Morning Coast'
Gary Crowder

Landscape Inspired Ceramics
Penny Hunt
From £40

Emma Whitelock

'Newby Hall'
Lesley Seeger

Julia Poulton

Charlotte Morrison
From £22

'Sky Study'
Andrew Farmer

''Clouds over Fields'
Josh Newsome

''Abstract - Green'
Julia Burns

Salma Patel