David studied Fine Art in Cheltenham, Cardiff and Leeds.
He paints (mostly) still-lifes.
There is something quiet and unassuming about the careful study of inconsequential objects that can produce work of formal pleasure and strange monumentality.  Sometimes, its about taking the ungraspable flood of sensation of being alive and rendering it in paint.  Sometimes its just painting pictures.
He has worked and lived in North Yorkshire, near Skipton, for over 30 years and shares a studio, Junction Workshop, with the ceramicist Anna Lambert. He was artist in residence at Craven Museum Skipton 2006-8, won the “artists’ artist” prize at the first Artfest North in Kendal and was shortlisted for the New Light painting prize in 2016 & again in 2020. He has shown work widely around the UK and held an exhibition with Anna at Det Gule Huset in Oslo in 2018.
David Thomas still life