From Scotland, Hazel studied at Glasgow School of Art, before moving to Yorkshire.

Hazel’s paintings are inspired by the landscape, but remain essentially abstract.  The Yorkshire landscape, and also the hills, glens and coastal areas of Scotland all inform her work.

I create colourful and layered abstract paintings. Through exploration of mark-making, drawing and collage, both abstract and descriptive properties develop, and as they extend into paintings this continues to shift and change. There is a sense of discovery through painting, building up and removing layers and the emergence of an image, that somehow takes command of the painting.

I would describe myself as an intuitive artist, although paintings are consistently reviewed, as the composition and adjustment of subtle, bold and contrasting colour is paramount to its success. As each paintings develops, changes become more considered, but I deliberately try to remain bold and courageous, so that the paintings are energetic and engaging.

Hazel works from her studio in York.

hazel battersby abstract