Originally from Harrogate, Jane currently lives in the US.

Jane’s parents, David and Margaret Morris, were both painters.  Whilst growing up, painting was always in the background, but Jane initially took a different route, gaining  a BA Honours in the History & Theory of Art from Essex University and then working for many years in PR.  However, while working at the National Gallery in London as Head of Press, she felt the time was right for her to try her hand at painting.  She has been painting ever since.

Jane is a colourist working within the tradition of realism but aims to push the boundary with colour and form to achieve a semi-abstract quality in her work.  She paints ‘alla prima’ directly onto the canvas with no preliminary drawing using handmade oil colours with natural pigments and enjoys the physical quality of the paint and spontaneity of this method.

In 2018 Jane was commissioned by the Belmond Cadogan Hotel, London, to paint a series of eleven large abstract paintings which would form the centrepiece of suites in the newly re-opened luxury hotel.  The paintings were bold and intensely coloured and have provided a new exciting direction for her.

Jane paints full-time in her studio in Washington DC, inspired by the surrounding landscape and the simple domestic details of life.  The effect of light on water and the colours in nature are recurring themes or just a shadow on the kitchen table can be a starting point.  She has always loved still-life and the British painters William Nicholson, Mary Fedden and Euan Uglow were early influences.   She exhibits both in UK and US.

jane kell semi abstract harrogate