Angeline Tournier

Oil on canvas, 33.5cm x 33.5cm. Framed. £595
High Noon
Oil on canvas board, 28cm x 28cm. Framed. £400
Mountain High
Oil on canvas, 105cm x 105cm. Framed. £1,695
Red Boat
Oil on canvas board, 28cm x 28cm. Framed. £400
Sea Views
Oil on board, 20cm x 20cm. £435
Night Lights
Oil on board, 20cm x 20cm. £435
Reflective Sea
Acrylic and marker on canvas, 105cm x 105cm. Framed. £1495
Echoes of Silver Sea
Acrylic on canvas, 100cm sq. SOLD
Morning Sea
Acrylic on canvas, 91cm x 122cm. SOLD
Point Noir
Acrylic on canvas, 25cm sq. SOLD

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Angeline Tournier

Raised in Colorado, Angeline moved to France in her teens, then to Hull, in Yorkshire, She later settled in London to study footwear design at the University of the Arts and worked for as a women’s footwear designer before painting full time.

She is inspired by her native Rocky Mountains, and the wide landscapes of Yorkshire and Bracklesham, on the coast of West Sussex.

Her paintings convey a sense of space and playfulness. “I aim to capture the feeling of being immersed in my surroundings: the catch in my stomach when I crest a hill, the thrill of seeing the sea unfold”.

She typically uses vibrant colours to surprise the viewer: ” I love for a hint of neon colour to bleed out of the edge of a traditional oil painting, to combine metallic silver leaf with oil, and to paint big bright abstract seascapes.”

The paintings for the Winter show are inspired by Angeline’s love of skiing.

‘Colorado, snow, bluebird skies and skiing are in my DNA.  These paintings are inspired by those early morning ski runs, making fresh tracks in new snow’.

She paints in her studio in Crouch End, North London and the seaside town of Bracklesham in West Sussex.  She exhibits in London and Cornwall.

Angeline’s work drew such admiration in our Spring/Summer Show 2018, that we are delighted she is now a gallery artist.