Gina Bean

Mixed media on paper, glazed, 32cm x 39cm. £500
Mixed media on paper, glazed, 33cm x 33cm. £450.
New Light
Acrylic on cartridge paper, glazed, 33cm x 39cm , £500
Acrylic on cartridge paper, glazed, 23cm x 23cm, £350
Uphill, Down Dale
Acrylic on cartridge paper, glazed, 23cm x 23cm, £350

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Gina Bean

Originally from The Midlands, Gina started painting seriously a few years ago. Gina explains:

“Art has always been part of my life, my Father was a well known artist in the Midlands with paintings shown in many galleries countrywide.

My inspiration is North Yorkshire, from Dales to coast. I try to create a feeling of place, rather than a representation of a particular view, my sketchbook is always with me, l do quick sketches, then back in my studio l collage the images till l have an interpretation of what l have seen, even then l find my painting takes on a life of its own, and never know how it will turn out.

I am an impatient artist so acrylics suit my way of working, but enjoy a change of media to suit whatever l have on my easel.
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, and l am very grateful that l can capture in my own small way the wonderful countryside.”

Gina works from her studio near Boroughbridge. She has attended several art courses run by respected contemporary painters, including David Tress and Lewis Noble.

Gina continues to be a very popular artist in the gallery, and we are enjoying watching her grow in confidence artistically.  Gina is delighted to have been selected to show her work in the Herrick Gallery, London, March 2018, as part of an exhibition for emerging women artists.

We have more works  by Gina, in the gallery, than shown here.  Prices starting at £90.