Peter Clough

Brown Wall (L), Grey Wall (M), Wall and Sky (R)
Porcelain vases, approx. H19cm, £90
Dark Copse Blade
Porcelain, H36cm, £240
Green Hill Blade
Porcelain, H24cm, £130

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Peter Clough

Originally from Brighton, Peter has been a practising artist and potter for over 50 years, in addition to writing and lecturing.  He is a former Fellow and Council member of the Craft Potters Association.

Peter works in clay, paint and print and sees parallels in terms of process in all 3 disciplines.

“Landscape has always featured in my work in one form or another, and I am increasingly intrigued by relationships of earth and sky, changing light, textures, patterns and colours, and human interaction with the environment. This has been explored through ceramics, and over the last 20 years also in printmaking and paintings. I like to work intuitively, letting the object or image to develop and surprise.

For the ceramic process, I have used grogged porcelain for the background whiteness it gives to the decoration, using both hand building and throwing techniques.

Surface decoration is built up with coloured slips, drawing, shellac resist and sponge wiping, and each piece is unique.

In printmaking, I mostly use the collograph process which involves creating a textured plate which is then sealed. The plate is inked with rollers and brushes, wiped back and passed through the press. Each image is unique depending on the colours used and the way it has been wiped. I don’t edition, all my prints are artist’s proof- original.

For painting, I mostly work with oil and mixed media on canvas, again creating surface texture and a tactile image.”

Peter now works from his studio in Harrogate.  During his long career he has had numerous exhibitions both solo and joint throughout the UK, including Contemporary Ceramics, London.

He has also had solo shows in Germany and Switzerland and selected shows in New Zealand and Germany.

Peter’s work is held in public and private collections worldwide.

A selection of Peter’s unique work is shown here.