Steve Williams

Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm. £450
From the Cliff Tops, Sandsend
Acryilc on canvas, 41cm x 51cm. £420
A Calm Summer's Day
Acrylic on canvas, 51cm x 76cm. £750
Gently Rolling hills
Acrylic on canvas, 51cm x 76cm. £750

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Steve Williams

Born in Liverpool into an artistic family, Steve moved to Yorkshire in 2002.  Having initially followed a corporate career path he made the decision to became a professional artist in 2011.  He is self-taught.

I am an instinctive and emotive painter. Using energy, movement, bold colour and texture, I aim for my work to capture the emotions of my own experiences. I hope through my paintings, people can feel a connection with my representations of a time and place, or of something more existential.

Life is fundamentally multi-sensory, and I am trying to capture elements of this complexity on canvas.  I like to allow my work to develop spontaneously with a fluid yet deliberate approach. Using palette knives and brushes, I create my paintings by intricately building and weaving layers over time until I feel I have achieved an authenticity that reflects my feelings for the subject.

 I am greatly inspired by the beauty and drama of  Yorkshire and I love exploring the countryside and villages that make it such a rich subject for me.  I feel a connection with the sea that is hard to put into words. I paint the sea relentlessly and the North East coastline provides me with a wealth of opportunities.

As I continue to develop as an artist, I find myself exploring more abstract work. I feel this is a perfect counter-balance to my more formative paintings. My abstract paintings give me the challenge of engaging with paint in a different way, and a different sort of freedom’.

Steve lives  in York  and has exhibited widely throughout the region, in London and a few other places.