Valerie Wartelle

Felted wool, silk, flax, hemp and cotton, framed and glazed, 135cmH x 71cmW. £1,500
Long Hot Summer
Felted wool, silk, linen and handprinted silk, framed and glazed, 111cmH x 71cmW. £1,000
Onion Skins
Felted wool, silk and photo transfer, 65 x 19cm. SOLD

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Valerie Wartelle

Originally from France, Valérie came to the UK to study textile design. After working for the Fashion Industry and Local Authority, Valérie returned to her first love of constructed textiles.

Her main fascination lies within the manipulation of fibres and textiles as an expressive art form. Taking landscape as her inspiration, she explores long-term interests of texture, colour, layering and process to create contemplative and ethereal artworks.

Her primary technique is wet felting; a traditional craft technique using wool tops, hot water, soapsuds and friction to interlock the fibres together. The compositions are built in layers, hinting at what may lie beneath, and use translucency and light to create absorbing moods. These are highly textured felt pieces in which cloth is embedded, prints disguised, threads unravelled and details finely stitched, as a painter with her brush. The analogy with painting is significant throughout, making the viewing inquisitive, and challenging people’s perception.

‘My focus is colour and light. I am fascinated by what it conveys in us and how we respond to it; maybe triggering an emotion, or a memory long forgotten. I also find the process particularly absorbing and surprising – there is a constant tension between my thoughts and the organic transformation, making me question each step I take, whilst feeding my creativity’.

Now widely exhibited and working and living in West Yorkshire, in 2015, Valérie won the Embroidery Magazine’s Best Emerging Textile Artist at the SIT Select Showcase, as well as the Best Picture in Show prize at the Great North Art Show in Ripon Cathedral.

In 2016, Valérie held her first London solo exhibition at The Gallery, Anthropologie, Chelsea.