Autumn Exhibition 2018

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Autumn Exhibition

5th October 2018 to 18th January 2019

We start off our third year with this wonderful mixed show featuring, as always, an eclectic mix of talented artists, both new to the gallery and old.

We are delighted to be showing beautiful semi-abstract landscape paintings by Erin Ward and Jonathan Pitts and pure abstraction from John Brokenshire.    We are also pleased to introduce the stunning bowls, vessels and platters by emerging contemporary woodturner, Ralph Shuttleworth, and wooden sculptures based on the female form by artist Layla Khoo.  Another first for the gallery is the inclusion of photography, with romantic work from fine art photographer, Anna Lilleengen.  Finally the intricate pencil drawings from Joel Weaver will captivate and intrigue all.

Popular gallery artists also taking part in the show with new work are: Michael BiltonLesley BirchBal BroadbentRichard GrayMarcus HammondCharlotte MorrisonJake MullinsJulia Poulton, Julia Rushworth, and new gallery artists Emily Stubbs and Angeline Tournier.  Angeline and Emily both took part our Summer Show and such was the fantastic reaction to their work, we are delighted they will now be exhibiting regularly with us.  Please click on the highlighted names to be directed to individual gallery pages.

We look forward to welcoming you over the coming months

John Brokenshire

John moved to Sheffield in 1990, graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 1995 with BA Fine Art.  He was then  selected for the Northern Graduates  Show and has been exhibiting successfully  ever since.  His paintings are primarily oil on canvas.

‘Much of my work is a response to being outside in nature and its myriad infinite information and effects; one strategy is to focus on the very near, such as moss, an ice crystal, lamb’s wool on wire and hold this in focus within an array of marks and layers of tone in response to memory and sensation. But I also consider huge limitless spaces, for me this includes landscape, the legacy of great twentieth century painters, and the propositions of abstraction. Process plus surrender to process and a love for the infinite silent medium of paint mean everything in my work.

Recent work has been inspired by long treks on the Camino in Spain while the backdrop of the  valleys, moors and Peaks surrounding Sheffield are a constant source of inspiration’.

John works from his studio in Sheffield and has had  successive solo shows in the Curwen/ New Academy Gallery, central London as well as regionally. Career highlights have included work in shows at Derby City Museum and Sheffield Cathedral.

Layla Khoo

Layla graduated from York College in 2017 with a BA (Hons) 1st Class, Contemporary Craft.  She is currently studying for an MA in Glass and Ceramics at Sunderland University.Layla creates installation pieces as an observation and response to emotional, societal and political issues, often drawn from personal experiences.

The figurative vessels are intentionally neither functional nor sculptural in the traditional sense. The female form is loosely represented with the medium transformed into unique pieces through the treatment each figure receives.

‘This collection represents a consideration of identity, perception and body image. The pieces are intentionally figurative, forming a self portrait of sorts. A mundane, cheap, common and often overlooked material (pine) has been shaped into the perceived idea of a woman. After being subjected to intense heat and trauma, each piece has been brushed off, treated with what the wood needs, and is now able to show the beauty of what was always underneath’
Layla works from her studio in North Yorkshire.  Since graduating in 2017 she has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including a previous show at Silson Contemporary, where she successfully exhibited her ceramic work.

Anna Lilleengen

Born in Sweden, Anna has lived in Harrogate for most of her life. She graduated from Harrogate School of Art and Design with an MA with Distinction in Time and Image Based Media in 2012.  She is currently based between Yorkshire and Scandinavia and uses vintage cameras and experimental processes to create artworks which explore psychological landscapes through elemental nature.

‘I am particularly interested in the sublime and in expressing the ontological tension between subjectivity and objectivity in my work. The elemental wilderness that surrounds me when I return to a remote family farm each summer in the forests of the Swedish/Norwegian border brings me to mind of the great Collective Unconscious that Carl Jung refers to in his work, or of dream and subconscious states that may underpin our everyday conscious thought and action. My invitation is to link people back, via a process of affect, to this deeper, subliminal aspect of their consciousness.

I am interested how experiencing being in the wilderness shapes our vision and selective capabilities.  For example, what I choose to capture on film is already a result and expression of my being in that particular environment ‘

Anna has held over 15 solo exhibitions in the UK and abroad, and was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2014 and included in their 2014 publication of “100 most exciting contemporary artists”. She was awarded a grant by The Arts Council of England to produce the series Metamorphosis, Series 1, part of which is on show in this exhibition.  In 2015 she was awarded a ‘Leeds Inspired’ small grant to produce public work in the community of Rothwell, interpreting local history, myth and legend through research, consultation and photography.

She is recently returned from her summer in Sweden where she held a large summer solo show at Sillegården Gallery in Värmland.  We are delighted that Anna is the first photographer to show at Silson.

Jonathan Pitts

Whilst Jonathan has no connection to Yorkshire – our normal remit – so impressed were we with his work that he has become our first ‘invited’ artist.  We will continue this idea going forward.

Originally from Evesham, Jonathan graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine art from Falmouth College of Art.

‘Landscape paintings for me are spaces that can free the imagination. It is important for me to paint in the landscape itself. Being in one spot over a long period, I’m immediately aware of how much change happens in the weather, the wildlife. Nothing is still for very long, and I get absorbed by the changing moods of the landscape.

I don’t aim to paint exactly what’s there. Rather, I balance representation with how the place makes me feel, continuously interpreting and designing. Pictorially I think of my images as being somewhere in between abstraction and representation.

Painting in all weathers can be challenging. Working through a storm with rain drops bouncing off the wet canvas is a risky way to make a painting. However, these unplanned surprises can add so much to a piece, so I persevere.

At the end of it all I hope to have paintings and drawings that stimulate. I am particularly attracted to the River Thames, the reflections in the water are a constant inspiration. The riverbanks are beautiful at all times, I aim to celebrate this in my pictures’.

Jonathan has twice been selected for The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition Award in 2011 and 2014. He was delighted to be awarded Second Prize in 2011.

He exhibits regularly and works from his studio in Surrey.

Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph is an emerging woodturner and sculptor based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, where he creates vessels and sculptures which are vibrant in both colour and form. Ralph currently balances his making with studying for a degree in design in Nottingham.

His innovative way of working drives his experimental use of the material, and the contemporary nature of his work. This particularly influences his use of vibrant colour, contrasting the organic wood tones.

Having recently launched his professional art career as part of the art& RAW Talent award scheme in 2017, he has since exhibited his work in art shows and galleries across the North.  He was also recently selected as a ‘future maker’ to exhibit in the Manchester Craft and Design centre.

‘I endeavour to use each individual piece of wood to show it’s own beauty and to create interesting forms and surfaces. ‘ ‘My interest in working from a freshly cut log, through to the final piece, means I can push the material to its limits at every step, to make a unique and contemporary piece, which retains it’s organic nature.’

Erin Ward

Erin graduated from Northumbria University, Newcastle, with BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting. She  has tutored in art at The St Ives School of Painting and at The Bowery Gallery, Leeds. She has also held Commitee membership of The Leeds Fine Artist Group

‘My recent series of works are inspired by visits to coastal regions, particularly the East Coast, Cornwall, and Norfolk, spending time walking the coastal paths.
Areas, where the sea meets the land and rivers, where salt water meets fresh water, are a fascination. Hard rock against water, the meeting of two extremes. Light and weather also play an important part in my work.
Working from memory, I use the landscape as a starting point for a painting but then let the process of painting itself take over until it forms a response that I’m after.
I paint in an energetic, semi-abstract way using a limited palette; often mixing the colours directly onto the canvas, using rags, palette knives and sometimes my fingers, building up the paint from transparent washes to thick impasto in focal areas.’

Erin works from her studio in Otley.  In 2009 she was awarded Best Newcomer at Leeds Art Fair and has continuously exhibited successfully in the UK and abroad ever since.  Her work is held in private collections in London, North Yorkshire and Cyprus.

Joel Weaver

Born in Harrogate, Joel studied Fine Art at  Leeds College of Art and Design and Northumbria University in Newcastle, graduating in 2006 with BA (Hons) 1st Class. After graduation he was invited to undertake Northumbria University’s drawing and research fellowship programme.

Having worked as a studio assistant for several high profile artists, including Damien Hirst, both in the UK and internationally, Joel continues to develop a unique drawing practice. He makes small scale, highly detailed figurative graphite drawings that are subtle in their delivery:

‘”My creative process begins with collecting discarded, vernacular, vintage photography and selecting stills from moving imagery. I identify elements within each photo I find intriguing; something that jumps out from within an image, the rare detail that attracts me.  It may be something that reminds me of my childhood, an object of sentimental value, a sense of deja vu, or something operating on a subconscious level.

I invite the viewer to study closely and observe a world where things perhaps are not quite what they seem. The drawing’s narratives often reflect a mysterious, atmospheric and intrinsically unusual mise-en-scene that is accentuated by their execution. There are hints towards the use of symbolic, surrealist and absurdist combinations’.

He has exhibited in both group and solo shows throughout the UK as well as receiving the British Airways Travel Award and Mike Holland Memorial Drawing Prize.