Autumn/Winter, 20/21. Runs until 15th January

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Autumn/Winter Show, 2020/21

16th October, 2020 - 15th January, 2021

Going into our fifth year (how times flies), we are delighted to present our Autumn/Winter Show for 2020/21.

Featuring new work from ever popular gallery artists, Lesley Birch, Chris Gambrell, Sarah Needham, Jane Kell, Pietro Sanna and Emily Stubbs, we are also delighted to introduce five new artists to the gallery:

London based Bob Aldous, creates beautiful paintings on silk, Devon ceramicist, Helen Harrison, creates hand built ceramics combining form and function, collaborative duo, Relton Marine produce beautifully uplifting still lifes, York based artist Hazel Battersby is showing her stunning abstract paintings, and Ilkley based artist and musician Tim Locker, creates striking white reliefs, beautiful pure constructions with a definite nod towards the ground breaking work of British artist Ben Nicholson, whilst his oil abstracts zing with life and colour.

Finally, we are also thrilled to have more  of Tim Tudor’s ‘Diver’ series of paintings, always extremely popular with visitors.

A fabulous show!

Please do book an appointment over the coming months to visit, view and buy the work from our highly talented and original artists.

We look forward to welcoming you soon


Bob Aldous

Born in 1960, Bob studied for a BA Fine Arts at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, and later an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship at University of East Anglia.

I use abstract imagery, usually relating to the movement and actions of water and have developed a unique technique of painting on silk which combines the use of acrylics, ink and watercolour. The delicacy of the silk providing the ideal canvas for my multi-layered approach.

 The theme of the artwork often uses the combination of opposites- such as light – dark, movement – stillness. This dynamic is a common thread that lies behind all my artwork. I have always been fascinated by the ability of painting to depict spatial depth. In my more recent works this has led to broaden the spatial range from the depiction of immediate tactile sensation to the allusion of infinite space.

Bob works from his studio in Kingston-upon-Thames, London.  He has many  collectors of his work and has received commissions from several high profile and prestigious institutions, including Langham Hotel, St Martin’s Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall

He exhibits regularly in London and Cornwall, in both solo and group show.  We are delighted to be the first gallery in the North to show his beautiful work.

Hazel Battersby

Originally from Scotland, Hazel studied at Glasgow School of Art

I create colourful and layered abstract paintings. Through exploration of mark-making, drawing and collage, both abstract and descriptive properties develop, and as they extend into paintings this continues to shift and change. There is a sense of discovery through painting, building up and removing layers and the emergence of an image, that somehow takes command of the painting.

I would describe myself as an intuitive artist, although paintings are consistently reviewed, as the composition and adjustment of subtle, bold and contrasting colour is paramount to its success. As each paintings develops, changes become more considered, but I deliberately try to remain bold and courageous, so that the paintings are energetic and engaging.

Hazel works from her studio in York.  We are delighted to be showing her work for the first time, and believe she is definitely one to watch

Lesley Birch

To view artwork and read about gallery artist Lesley, please follow this link

Chris Gambrell

For information about gallery artist, Chris,  and to view available work please follow this link

Lela Harris

A self-taught artist and graphic designer, Lela spends most of her time making art in her small studio barn overlooking the Lyth Valley, Cumbria.

Creatively curious by nature, her work is inspired by the possibilities of different mediums, learning new techniques and exploring a wide range of subject matters; resulting in an eclectic and beautiful mix of work.

Regardless of medium, the majority of Lela’s pieces are created ‘alla prima’ in order to capture the story and energy of the subject matter

We are delighted to be showing Lela’s work for the first time.

Helen Harrison

Helen studied Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art, specialising in ceramics and gaining a B.A (Hons). She further studied at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1995 with an MA.

The Oxide Decal Collection, showing in this exhibition, is inspired by combing the shoreline for lost treasures and sea-worn pottery.

The collection imbues a sense of Chinoiserie or patterned ceramic tiles worn under foot, conjuring memories of a forgotten tea service from childhood or a beloved Victorian artefact. The mosaic-like appearance evokes a new story each time the pieces are used, intriguing the observer and allowing them to create their own story.

Each piece is made from porcelain and finished with clear and coloured food-safe glazes, creating pieces which can be used and enjoyed everyday. The forms are hand-thrown on a potters wheel and the surfaces treated with layered oxides, decals, slips and imprints, making each piece unique.

The way an object feels to hold and use are important considerations while creating work. My aim is to capture the fluidity of the raw clay within the finished pieces.

Helen lives and works in Devon and is a selected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and widely exhibits throughout the UK.  We are delighted to be showing her beautiful ceramics for the first time.

Jane Kell

For information about gallery artist, Jane, and to view available work, please follow this link

Tim Locker

Originally from London, Tim studied Audio Visual Design at Bournemouth University in the late 1980s where he was introduced to multimedia composition including tape-slide and Quantel Paintbox – the forerunner of today’s Photoshop. These formats, added to the electronic music and home darkroom addiction he’d had since school, formed the catalyst for a long career in both sound and visual arts.

In abstract impressionism, my pieces are a conscious process. I use contemporary systems to visually analyse minute grains of audio lasting a fraction of a second and splice many of these fragments together in a single painting. In this way any sound is magnified repeatedly until it becomes nothing more than a single undulating line.

Tim’s compositions draw on field recordings of ambient environments taken in locations ranging from a cast concrete underpass in Marseille to a Medieval Cathedral in Lisbon.

These recordings are the auditory personality of the chamber: it’s volume, the hardness and complexities of the surfaces, the effects of time and sometimes centuries of human drama played out on those surfaces. They’re the ‘space left behind’.

I like to explore the relationship between 2 dimensional multi-tonal forms and 3 dimensional monochrome structures. Working on the canvas, I scale up my original pencil sketch, allowing the choice of colours to develop as the process progresses. The larger forms of the composition are broken down into deconstructed areas of colour, stimulating the overriding emotional response. I then produce a second line for line construction in white relief. The interplay between adjoining tones and hues is now left to shadow and the subtle variation in height of the raised planes. The interaction and often interlocking nature of the larger forms is now at the forefront, as the piece is stripped to its bare elemental bones.

Tim uses the same field recordings that form the basis for his paintings and reliefs as ambient spatial effects in associated audio projects. The paintings are used as covers for vinyl releases and both paintings and reliefs are recurring elements in any accompanying videos. In this way the visual language and the audio form a whole.

Now a full-time artist, Tim has previously sold his work privately.  We are delighted to be bringing his unique and intriguing artwork into a gallery for the first time.

Sarah Needham

For information about gallery artist, Sarah, and to view available work please follow this link

Relton Marine

Christine Relton and Tom Marine have been making paintings collaboratively since 1996 as RELTON MARINE.  They work together on the same paintings and have developed a distinctive style unique to them.

Their inspiration is colour, colour and more colour, with travel, ceramics, textiles and landscape as constant themes and a belief that there’s no such thing as too much but with a rigorous eye to composition and keeping it all together. Their intention is for you to feel happy and uplifted when you look at the paintings and see the fun they had making them.

Relton Marine work from their studio in Otley, West Yorkshire and show regularly with galleries in the UK and with those galleries at art fairs worldwide. International fairs include Hong Kong, Singapore, Seattle, New York, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Toronto.

Pietro Sanna

For information about gallery ceramicist Pietro, and to view available work, please follow this link

Emily Stubbs

For information about gallery artist Emily, and to view available work, please follow this link

Tim Tudor

Originally from Berkshire, in 1993 Tim graduated with BA(Hons) Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire where he specialised in painting.  He moved to Yorkshire in 1999 and has exhibited widely in group shows.

Tim’s current body of work uses skyscapes as his theme.  Into these skyscapes Tim places found, natural objects; leaves, flying seeds, feathers and most recently, the human figure:

I’ve always been fascinated by the sky and the play of sunlight on the clouds, the colours, the tones and the emotive atmosphere that the light creates.

Over the past four years I’ve been exploring these themes through a series of skyscape paintings and in my most recent images I’ve chosen to introduce the human figure in the form of the diver.

Sometimes these divers are depicted poised, ready to leap and sometimes in mid-air, twisting, curled or stretched against the sky, caught in moment where time is suspended like in a memory.

I try to convey the power and energy of the human form in motion as well as its vulnerability.  I hope to also suggest in these paintings a relationship between the expressive act of the diver and the emotive space through which they travelling ;  a ‘feeling’ into which  they are diving.

Tim currently works from his studio at The Sculpture Lounge, near Holmfirth, where he also teaches ceramics and works with other artists as a sculptor.

We adore Tim’s ‘Diver’ series of paintings and are delighted to have three in this latest exhibition.