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Autumn/Winter Show, 2021: 9th October – 23rd December

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Autumn/Winter Show, 2021

Autumn/Winter Show, 2021: 9th October - 23rd December

We are delighted to present the fantastic artists in the Autumn/Winter Show, 2021.

The show sees the gallery introduction  of 3 new painters; Caroline Hudson, Janet Keith and Lee Norman and 3 ceramicists; Gail Altschuler, Ulla Mead and Jan O’Neill.  They are showing alongside gallery favourites, painters Emma Whitelock, Hazel Battersby and Jacquie Denby  We are also delighted to welcome back emerging  wood sculptor, Ralph Shuttleworth with some new glorious work.

Do visit, we look forward to welcoming you to this uplifting show.

Gail Altschuler

Gail grew up in South Africa, later studying Environmental Design at the Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.  Moving to the UK in 1989,  she completed an MA in  Art and Design Education at the Institute of Education, London.

Gail began her artistic career as a silkscreen printer, creating large, abstract and colourful works on paper for interior design in hotels and office spaces worldwide.

However, ceramics is her passion  and she  now focusses her practise on working with hand built porcelain, using the Mishima inlay technique to create her unique vessels.  She bases her designs on sketchbook observations of life, including people at ease, musicians, sculptures, plants and visits to museums.  Gail draws lines onto the porcelain which she deepens and etches with a sharp pin needle tool.  She then fills the lines with coloured underglaze.  The cleaned surface reveals the distinctive lines.  Sgraffito techniques, scratching through a colour to reveal the layer underneath, are added and combined with thin washes.  The vessels are finished with a transparent glaze and high fired to 1220 degrees c.

In 2021, Gail was selected for the RA Summer Exhibition, for the Figurative Art Now Online, Mall Gallery Exhibition and she was the winner of the Response to Lockdown category of the London Potters Online Exhibition. She exhibits widely in London, where she has her studio.
Gail has recently become a selected member of the Crafts Potters Association.

Hazel Battersby

Please follow this link to read about gallery artist, Hazel.

Jacquie Denby

Please read here about Gallery Artist, Jacquie.

Caroline Hudson

Caroline Hudson is an abstract landscape artist. She studied at Leeds College of Art and at Glasgow School of Art.
Caroline  lives on the doorstep of Haworth moor; a wild, open and immersive landscape. This is an environment to which she feels completely connected. The big skies, the bit of pink at the end of the day, the weather, the wind and mist have an ethereal quality especially when experienced alone. Subconsciously, this inspires her work  back in the studio.
Texture and colour are essential elements in her practise, and she  builds up numerous layers whilst scraping back and scratching into her work. This creates a surface of depth and interest leading her to get lost in the process of making. Since college she has had a fascination with the sculpting effect of time and weathering on objects and landscapes. She sees a beauty in decay which feeds naturally into her work.
Caroline finds the landscape of West Cornwall equally enveloping and familiar, having spent childhood holidays there at her Grandparents house. She enjoyed a solo residency at Brisons Veor Cape Cornwall in 2018. And in 2017 and 2019, she spent time at Newlyn School of Art which brought a renewed freedom to her practice.  Caroline  now finds a comforting connection with both Yorkshire and Cornwall which is apparent in her work as it focuses on the ‘feeling’ of inhabiting.  Although the source inspiration is personal and specific to place, she values  viewers’ being able to connect their own experiences and feelings with her work.

Janet Keith

Janet has Degrees in both the History of Art and Creative Arts ,and worked for many years as a Solicitor.  She now paints full time.

My painting is, in essence, a response to the visual excitement and beauty of my surroundings. Colour, energy and a feeling of nature are hallmarks of my work.

My artistic roots are in outdoor landscape painting, working directly from life.  Gradually though, the emphasis of this work has changed. Now I use spontaneous and intuitive mark making as a starting point for an approach where any conscious narrative is subordinated to the act of building a painting. My inspiration comes from the very rural surroundings of my studio in Sussex, from travels near and far, all kinds of music and the History of Art.  I have a particular love for the landscapes of the U.K. and Southwest USA.  My artistic influences range far and wide from fourteen century Sienese altarpieces, to Indian miniatures, Japanese woodcuts, and twentieth century American and British painting.

Janet works from her studio in rural Sussex and has paintings in both private and public collections.  She exhibits regularly in the U.K. In 2020/21 she exhibited with the Royal Ulster Academy and her painting, ‘Listening for Curlews’ was awarded their prestigious Paul Henry Landscape Prize. Her work has been acquired by the Northern Ireland Civil Service for their permanent collection.  In 2013 Janet was an artist in residence at Glyndebourne Festival Opera where she exhibited. She has also exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Gallery in London.
She is an elected member of the Ulster Society of Women Artists.

Ulla Mead

Originally from Sweden, Ulla has lived in London since the 1970’s.
She studied an Art Foundation Course at Harrow College of Art (now Westminster), followed by a 3 year Ceramics Course at Croydon College of Art, where she was taught by leading ceramicists Judy Trim and Jaqui Poncelet.
For most of my working life, I have been earning my living through making ceramic jewellery but about 5 years ago, on the point of giving up working with clay altogether, a twist of fate made me return to making ‘one off’ pots which is what I feel most passionate about.  The pots I now make are a playful take on classic container forms, especially the bottle. Many of my pieces have an animated almost human air about them, particularly when displayed in groups.
I work from templates but differences in assembling the parts will make each pot unique which is further enhanced by the unpredictable results a raku firing brings.

I make my slab built pots out of a stoneware clay.  After bisque firing, the pots are glazed and then are raku fired in an outdoor kiln.  When the kiln has reached the correct temperature, the pots are taken out and put into a chamber with combustible material which is set alight by the hot pots. The drastic temperature drop causes the glaze to crackle and smoke to fill the cracks

Ulla works from her studio in  North London.  We are delighted to be showing her work in the gallery for the first time.

Lee Norman

Lee is an emerging abstract artist with a passion for creating bold, energetic compositions inspired by the British coastline.

Following a foundation in Art and Design, studying in Norfolk and Derbyshire, Lee pursued a design career in London, working for some leading creative agencies.

The works are primarily abstract in nature, retaining a deep connection with the essence of the landscape, exploring the natural tension in the elements beyond figurative accuracy, creating pieces that are an expressive investigation of the landscape, rich in movement, texture, light and shade.

I look to explore a different view of the landscape, an intuitive capture of the natural form and energy through a process of drawing, collage and painting. It’s a rewarding journey of discovery, creating works that evoke powerful memories of time spent along the coast.

Unrestrained by format and technique and the pursuit of the ‘final piece’, I seek to explore, through a range of creative techniques, the tension of natural elements, creating moments that are a bold echo of the changing landscape, combining expressive mark making with layers of colour and texture.

Living in London, and an elected member of the prestigious Chelsea Arts Club, Lee currently divides his time between the design studio, and his artistic practice.  His first gallery exhibition, we are delighted to be able to  introduce his work, having been immediately captivated by his bold and energetic abstract compositions.


Jan O'Neill

Derbyshire‑based, Jan graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textiles.  As a designer, she ran her own business and lectured in her field before returning to pursue her first love, ceramics.
In her practice, she works with a range of stoneware clays and hand‑builds using a variety of techniques, coiling and pinching and slab building on the larger sculptural pieces.  The making process gives her freedom for reflection and the realisation of the final form. Her processes are intuitive and the slow pace of coiling as a method of building, for her, is the most contemplative aspect of her practice.
Working and exploring form, scale, texture and surface, she leaves traces and imprints of her making process on each unique piece.
Her work is contemporary, using a minimal palette, and shows the clay in its raw natural beauty. Some pieces will be part or unglazed, revealing tones and textures reflective of the natural elements and organic shapes that influence her.
Each series of vessels tells a story of power, nature, simplicity and minimalism, resulting in sculptures and vessels that embrace the textures, tones and rhythms of natural life.
Jan’s work is exhibited regularly and is currently on show at galleries in the South West of England.  We are delighted to be showing Jan’s beautiful work for the first time.  Its elegant and contemporary palette and shape is hugely appealing.

Ralph Shuttleworth

A recent graduate whose work we have previously shown as a student, Ralph is a wood sculptor and designer, who uses movement within wood to form sculptures with intriguing elegant forms. His contemporary style draws on both traditional woodworking techniques and modern technology to create unique gestural pieces.

Ralph’s work is a collaboration between natural processes and human involvement, in order to create sculptures with a clean yet organic feel, which allow the wood to inform the final shapes  .

After graduating from his Furniture Design Degree in 2021, Ralph has continued his work with wood movement, but with a new focus on larger sculptural works, and furniture pieces, which  encapsulate the energy and elegance wood can have.

This ‘Gestures’ series showing in Silson’s Autumn Exhibition uses black walnut wood which is bent by hand into free form shapes, using a technique which heats up small sections of the wood, to allow the sculpture to slowly emerge as the curves and twists are formed.

When designing new work, Ralph uses fluid gestural brush strokes to create flowing lines, which can then be interpreted into 3D sculptures, often

combining this with inspiration drawn from both nature and elegant modern architecture.

Ralph now works from his studio at the Sculpture Lounge in West Yorkshire and we are delighted to be showing his new sculptures as he starts his exciting artistic career.

Emma Whitelock

Please follow this link to read about gallery artist, Emma.