Winter Show: 1st February – 18th April, 2019

We are kicking off 2019 with another mixed show of carefully selected artists.

Our Winter Exhibition includes new work from popular gallery painters, Julia Poulton, Angeline Tournier and Emma Whitelock  and stunning textiles from Valerie Wartelle.

New artists whose work we are positive you will love, are Helen Booth (Wales), Annie Luke Turner (Cumbria), David Knight (North Yorkshire) and Susanne Jardeback Olesen (Sweden).  Due to the  popularity of his work in our Autumn Show, we are delighted to welcome back emerging and hugely talented wood turner, Ralph Shuttleworth.  

We look forward to welcoming you over the coming months.  Please read on for a taste of what to expect!



'Mustard and Custard are both F*cking Yellow. Portrait of my Father', oil on canvas, 155cm x 155cm. £3,950

Helen Booth

Helen was born in Staffordshire.  She studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art (1986-1989) under Bernard Cohen, George Blacklock and Prunella Clough

'The line has always been apparent in my painting and is a recurring motif – strong, straight and dynamic running alongside more gossamer transient marks. The work is also an emotional response to the medium of paint, the sticky viscosity and watery oils vying for attention as I strive to capture Beauty; my restrained choice of colour often disguises the conflicting elements, creating work that is both melancholic and meditative.

I work in oil. I love the translucency of the medium, the way it takes an age to dry and for the manner that it can surprise me. I gravitate towards canvas - I love the inherent texture of the surface and the way in which it responds to the pressure of a paintbrush. Working with oil allows me to respond intuitively to the marks that I make and scratch into the wet surface with graphite, which is also a central element of my practice. I often use a very restricted palette, relying on slight differences in tone and paint application to create depth and layers in my work.

I am fascinated by the fragility of the human condition. The notion of Memory and in the way it changes over time and how it fades and resurfaces is key. My ideas are firmly rooted in this concept, evidenced in the layering and reworking of my paintings. My intuitive response and the application and destruction of the surface mimics the concept of memory. I am fascinated by how our memories metamorphosize and how we create complex personal fictions. Living in Wales is also important – witnessing nature – the scars in the landscape, the erosion and the seasons all inspire – memory on a macro scale.'

Helen works from her studio in Wales and exhibits widely.  She has received numerous awards and prizes including the 2018 BEEP International Painting Biennial Prize, Swansea, 2014 Award for Painting, Pollock Krasner Foundation Inc, New York,and 2012 Threadneedle Art Prize The Mall Galleries, London.



'Fence Line Reconfigured', mixed media on canvas, 100cm x 100cm. £860

Annie Luke Turner


Annie was born in Manchester.  She completed her BA Fine Art (Painting) at Cheltenham School of Art. She now lives in Cumbria.

‘I am inspired by the landscape around me and the paintings I make are a result of days spent recording and sketching within the landscape and then bringing these studies back to the studio to develop into paintings. Each painting takes weeks or even months to resolve, with layers of mark making and decision making until I feel that they come through the other side and work as a painting. I am interested in the archeology of the landscape and will often remove layers of paint to reveal marks hidden underneath, there will also often be hidden elements to the paintings which are harder to notice at first glance. I also use collage, particularly dress-making patterns as they remind me of map symbols and contours of the landscape. Predominantly I am trying to capture the actual ‘feeling’ of being in that place - not simply the visual likeness.’

Annie exhibits widely in the UK and she was recently represented by an Italian Gallery at the Cologne Art Fair. In 2017 she was one of the artists shortlisted for the Cumbrian Artist of the Year.

Annie works as a teacher, curator and Art Technician in Kendal, Cumbria.

'Glacier II', acrylic and sewing thread, framed and glazed, 47cm x 36cm. £550

Susanne Jardeback Olesen

From Sweden, Susanne Jardeback Olesen, began taking fine art classes in the late 70’s, working mainly with oil on canvas.

She further trained under Professor Georg Suttner (Professor, Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm), at the prestigious Lidingoakademi in Stockholm where her art became bolder, moving from landscape to pure abstraction. In more recent years, Susanne has begun to include collage in her work

Susanne works mainly in the medium of oil, acrylic and collage. The coloristic sense is always strongly present regardless of the medium she chooses to work in.

“When colour meets various forms this results in an image which leads the viewer into new and completely unexplored environments. It becomes a journey into the pictures' own reality, where sometimes things that feel familiar to the eye are in fact something entirely new’

Susanne was awarded Nobel Artist from 2011 - 2014 by The Royal Academy of Sciences - a prestigious appointment for Swedish artists.  Selected artists design the artwork for each Nobel Prize winner, in the form of a Diploma. Susanne created Diploma artwork for Prize winners in Economics (2011), Chemistry (2012) and Physics (Peter Higgs (Higgs Boson) 2013)  and Economics (2014).

In May 2015 Susanne was also commissioned to paint a portrait of Staffan Nordmark, Secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Susanne works from her studio in Ask, Sweden. She exhibits widely in Sweden, and we are delighted to be the first UK gallery to show her delicate, yet strong, abstract work.

'Kinetic Coastal Rhythms', Uig, Isle of Lewis, charcoal and acrylic on paper, framed and glazed, 152cm x 122cm. £2,400

David Knight


David was born in Halifax and studied Fine Art at Loughborough Art College. Alongside painting, he has taught art since 1985 and is currently Head of Art at Giggleswick School, Settle.

‘Whilst essentially abstract in nature there has always been a sense of the landscape underpinning the content and subject matter of all my work. Further influences include the American Abstract Expressionist painters, particularly Willem de Kooning, and the surface texture of ceramics by highly regarded potters, such as Takeshi Yasuda, Dan Kelly, Gordon Baldwin and Ewen Henderson, whose work I have previously helped to curate.

Over recent years my painting has been heavily influenced by trips to the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides. A large body of this work was exhibited last year at the An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway. A smaller version of this show travelled to Gavagan Art and Studio Vault, Settle, North Yorkshire. There are now plans to show large scale Isle of Lewis drawings and paintings at the Resipole Gallery, Argyll, Scotland.

The effect of water on the landscape, the colour and movement of the sea across wide expansive beaches, vast skies, and the interplay of land sea and sky are all evident within this recent body of work, and, to a certain extent, do connect with my early West Riding of Yorkshire starting points.’

David works from his studio in Settle, North Yorkshire


'The Curtain, Harrogate Turkish Baths', oil on canvas, framed, 99cm x 130cm. £1,840

Jake Mullins

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'Blue Whisper', oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm. £1,000

Julia Poulton

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'Life's Horizon', acrylic on paper, framed and glazed, 26cm x 26cm. £210

Ali Thompson


Graduating with (BA Hons) Art and Design from York St John University, Ali continued painting whilst working in the NHS as a midwife. Since retirement she has been able to concentrate on developing and evolving her work.

Ali’s work takes inspiration from her work as a Midwife and Neonatal Nurse - a lasting passion for new life in all its form.

Working with acrylic and mediums on large canvases or smaller framed pieces her aim is to reflect the source of new beginnings, both human and organic.

'Conception, birth, life, death…without the beginning, we don’t exist.  Often a painting will start with a concept, only then to take on its own life, and direction mirroring the new and developing form.
“Recently I have seen a change in my approach…I feel that I am allowing myself to respond more unconsciously to emotions and ideas”

Ali works from her garden studio near Easingwold.  Exhibiting since 2015, Ali has experienced success with her work locally, nationally, and internationally.  





'High Noon', oil on canvas board, 28cm x 28cm. £400

Angeline Tournier

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'Nostalgia',felted wool, silk, flax, hemp and cotton, framed and glazed, 124cm x 60cm. £1,500

Valerie Wartelle

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''Fleeting', acrylic and mixed media on linen, 40cm x 45cm. £295

Emma Whitelock

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