Born in Glasgow in 1965, Gill graduated in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent Polytechnic in the 1980’s.

Gill paints still-life and semi-abstract landscapes, in oils and also mixed media.

Her work celebrates everyday objects, a jug, some fruit, pebbles collected from a trip to the seaside and places these centre stage. Working directly from life whilst at the same time distorting the perspective to build a strong, structural design with an emphasis on the spaces in between. A love of colour is a central element, using bold jewel like colours, but with soft neutrals to enhance and soften. On closer inspection expressive paintwork is evident, thin washes of paint building up layers along with areas of impasto, scratches and drips.

Her recent series of still-lifes from the ‘covid’ year heavily feature flowers, whilst always an inspiring subject ‘in particular during this unprecedented and challenging time they took on a greater significance to me, their intense beauty and power to transmit joy was something I wanted to hold on to’.

She has lived in Sheffield for many years and divides her time between her own art practise and running art workshops. Her work is regularly exhibited throughout the UK and is held in many private collections.

Gill Gathercole still life